Merlot Gospodovo, 2019, UOU, 0,75 l


Bogat merlot, ki nosi ime po osončenem vinogradu nad Solkanom. Razkošne cvetice in krepke strukture bo odlična spremljava začinjenim mesnim specialitetam.

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A rich dry red wine. Named after a sunny vineyard above Solkan, it is already a delight with its beautiful ruby colour. The eye-pleasing bouquet is soon joined by a bouquet reminiscent of fragrant red fruits and berries. The red wine, which reflects all the varietal characteristics of a good merlot, is warm, bold and masculine in flavour, and therefore likes to be paired with strong and well-seasoned meat dishes, and a glass of this merlot without accompaniment can be a real treat.

Weight 1,5 kg

Vipava Valley


100 % merlot



Alcohol level

14.5 %

Recommended temperature

14-16 °C



Ageing potential

10-15 years

Wine style

Classic red wine




0,75 l


own yeasts, maceration 14 to 20 days, oak barrels 16 months

Food matching

Spicy meat dishes, game, mutton, barbecue.


Ruby red


UOU wines, perhaps more than others, convey an old spirit and a special story. The vines of the almost 90-year-old vineyards are lovingly tended and just as lovingly give the unique natural UOU wines every time. The owner of the incredible energy, Mr Marinko Pintar, together with a company of small winemakers, maintains and cares for the old vines and always improves their fertility. UOU are organically produced macerated white and red wines made from grapes from old vineyards whose history and character have been transferred to their taste. The 'UoU' brand evokes the memory of the ox, the draught animal that helped the people of the Littoral region, strong, persevering and stubborn as they were, to survive for centuries. Naturally, 'UoU' wines require complete attention. The old vines, the effort of natural farming, combined with the ageing in wooden barrels are part of the recipe that gives the wine its distinctive aroma with a pronounced body.

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