Domaine Rolet

Domaine Rolet is considered one of the leading wine houses in the Jura region of France. Their mission is to offer wines that reflect the richness of the terroir through unique wine varieties found only here. Thus, their varietal composition consists of white Savagnin (the prestigious variety used to produce the oxidative Vin Jaune) and Chardonnay (the most planted variety in the Jura), and among the reds, Trosseau, Poulsard and Blue Pinot.

The estate is the result of the efforts of three families with a rich tradition of viticulture, catering and entrepreneurship; the Devillards (5th generation Burgundian viticulture family and owners of Château de Chamirey in Mercurey, Domaine des Perdrix in Côte de Nuits, Domaine de la Ferté in Givry and Domaine de la Garenne in Mâconnais), the Flamberts (several generations of hoteliers) and the Dupuis (entrepreneurs).

Domaine Rolet is famous for its red varietal wines, for which they have established themselves as true pioneers. This is one of the reasons why they are respected by connoisseurs, connoisseurs and renowned wine critics worldwide and at home. Respect earned through strict care of the vineyards, low vine pressure and harvesting of optimally ripe grapes.

Currently, 65 hectares of vineyards are cultivated, of which 40 are in Arbois, 23 in Côtes du Jura, 2.43 in the prestigious l'Etoile appellation and 32 acres in Château-Chalon. The vineyards are farmed according to low-intervention principles, and several of them are also undergoing organic certification. The average age of their vines is a respectable 45 years.

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